Access Keys

Keyboard shortcuts can be used by holding down the Alt key (PC) or Control key (Mac) and the associated key from the list below. Some browsers may require you to press the enter key to confirm your selection. The 'tab' key can be used to move between the links, and use the 'enter' key to activate a link.

Access Keys
Key Page
1 Home page
0 (zero) Access Keys (this page)
[ Skip to content
9 Contact Us
3 Ship Name in the search form
4 Official Number in the search form
5 ID number in the search form

Increasing Text Size in the browser

The size of the text on pages on the site can be increased if necessary. This table outlines how to increase the font size in a selection of popular browsers. If your browser is not on the list, please consult the online help provided with your browser.

Increasing text size in your browser
Browser Method
MS Internet Explorer 5+ PC: View menu> Text Size
Mac: View menu > Text Zoom
Netscape 6+, Mozilla Firefox PC: Ctrl and + or -
Mac: View menu > Text zoom